Filter Belts for Continuous Screen Changers

A roll of filter belt made from high tensile stainless steel wire
CBE-01: stainless steel wire cloth filters belts for continuous screen changers

In addition to extruder screen filter, we also manufacture wire cloth filters belts for continuous screen changers from high tensile stainless steel wire, which are suitable for screening foreign particles out of molten plastic.

Continuous filter belts specifications:

  • Material: stainless steel 302, 304, 316, 316L.
  • Weaving methods: woven in reverse dutch weave pattern.
  • Size: 48 × 10 mesh, 72 × 15 mesh, 132 × 14 mesh, 132 × 17 mesh, 152 × 24 mesh, 152 × 30 mesh, 260 × 40 mesh, 250 × 40 mesh, 400 × 120 mesh.
  • Width: 100–1200 mm.
  • Length: 10–30 m.
  • Other size available.

Hot specifications ordered by customers:

Stainless steel filter belt for screen changer for starlinger equipment: Screen filters for line "Starex-1000" (extruder) and "Stacotec-1500" (laminator):

  • type 152/30, width 96-97 mm, length 10 m.
  • type 260/40, width 96-97 mm, length 10 m.


  • Automatic belt filter mesh has the resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion, high temperature.
  • Has greater strength to support for greater loads in filtration.
  • Has precise mesh size to effect good filtration in extrusion.

This type of filter screen are widely used for plastic extrusion and melt filtration in plastic industry for PP, PS, PVC, PET, PE, ABS, PMMA in belt style continuous screen changers.

Many filter belt rolls put in a paper carton
CBE-02: Filter belt rolls in package
There is a continuous filter belt roll.
CBE-03: Continuous filter belt has great strength.
There is an extrusion changer with a filter belt roll.
CBE-04: Continuous filter belt gives a convenient extrusion.

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