Rectangle and Oval-shaped Extruder Screens Give Melts Ideal Filtration

Rectangle and oval-shaped extruder screens are commonly made from stainless steel wire that has good rust and corrosion resistance. Of course, they can be made from aluminum, low carbon steel or copper according to application needs.

With special and stable structure, rectangle and oval-shaped extruder screens possess accurate sizes and are applied to fine filtration in non-woven fabrics, color masterbatch, filler and fibers extruder industries.

Specifications of rectangle and oval-shaped extruder screen:

  • Materials: stainless steel, aluminum, low carbon steel, brass.
  • Sizes: can be customized.
  • Processing: woven, sintered, perforated.
  • Layer: single layer, multiple layers.
  • Edge: spot welding, metal or rubber rims, no frame.
There is a rectangle extruder screen and an oval one.

ROE-01: Rectangle and oval-shaped extruder screens have precise sizes.

Rectangle and oval-shaped extruder screen features:

  • Accurate shape dimension well fit the corresponding extruder.
  • Easy to install and durable.
  • High compressive strength.

Rectangle and oval-shaped extruder screen applications:

  • Provide a clean and fine extrusion of molten materials, polymers.
  • Suitable for filtration in plastic, leather, metallurgy and petroleum industries.
There are seven oval-shaped single layer extruder screens without rims.

ROE-02: Single layer oval-shaped extruder screen is lightweight.

There is a multilayer oval-shaped extruder screen with rim.

ROE-03: Multilayer oval extruder screen is stable.

There are five rectangle extruder screens with frames and different density of two layers.

ROE-04: Rectangle extruder screens with different density of two layers have high precision.

There is a multilayer rectangle extruder screen with spot welding edge.

ROE-05: Multilayer rectangle extruder screen pack has a long service life.