Copper Clad Steel Wire Mesh in Reversed Dutch Weave

Copper clad steel wire mesh, also known as melt filter band for automatic filter changers, is made of copper clad steel and manufactured using a reversed Dutch weave technique. It possesses numerous advantages, including high tensile strength, excellent corrosion resistance, precise filtration, structural stability, and a long service life. It is commonly used in polymer extrusion. plastic/rubber production/recycling/filtration, film production, and other applications.

A detail view of copper clad steel wire mesh

COE-01: Copper extruder disc has good filter efficiency.


  • Material: Copper clad high-strength steel wire at warp; high-strength steel wire at weft
  • Weave type: Reversed dutch weave
  • Mesh count (warp/inch × weft/inch); Wire diameter (warp/weft):
    • 120 μm: 110 × 20 mesh; wire dia. 0.22/0.30 mm
    • 200 μm: 110 × 17 mesh; wire dia. 0.22/0.35 mm
    • 250 μm: 110 × 13 mesh; wire dia. 0.22/0.35 mm
    • 300 μm: 110 × 9 mesh; wire dia. 0.22/0.52 mm
  • Commonly used warp wire: 0.25 mm (tensile strength: 2,500 N/mm2)
  • Commonly used weft wire: 0.35 mm (tensile strength 550 N/mm2), weft can be in the form of flat wire 0.26 mm × 0.38 mm.
  • Common width of mesh belt: 308 mm, 230 mm
  • Belt length: 50 m, 80 m (40 m – 100 m)


  • High tensile strength
  • Structural stability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Long service life, and cost-effective
Warp and weft wires of copper clad steel wire mesh

Warp and weft wires

Wrap copper clad steel wire mesh rolls with plastic film

Plastic film packaging

Top view of copper clad steel wire mesh rolls

Top view

Inner view of copper clad steel wire mesh roll

Inner view


Kraft paper to prevent moisture → Foam paper to prevent hard objects from choking → Plastic film to prevent water and moisture → Put copper clad steel wire mesh into plywood crate → Tie-die.


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