Multilayer Extruder Screen Packs with Spot Welded or Frame Edges

Multilayer Extruder Screen packs are the different wire meshes cut to desired shapes and sizes, and then assembled properly and spot welded with each other to form multilayer packs.

Multilayer screen packs are extra strong, sturdy and convenient for problem free processing. They are assembled in proper sequence to eliminate operator error. The screen pack even prevents any foreign particles in the molten mass from going through the extrusion process. This type of extruder screen is suitable for fine extrusion, and it makes extrusion more clean and clear.

Extruder Screen Mesh packs are mainly made from high quality SS 316, SS304L meshes ranging from 4 mesh to 500 mesh up to 5 microns, and used for Plastic and Rubber Industry. Their edges styles cover spot welded edges and aluminum framing around the spot welded edges.

Extruder screen packs specification

  • Layers: 2 , 3 ,4, 5 layers, or other more layers.
  • Material: Stainless steel(ss302, ss304, ss316, ss316L) woven wire cloth, copper wire cloth, galvanized wire mesh, aluminum alloy, and nickel alloys.
  • Shapes: round, oval, rectangle, elliptical shape.
  • Packs Diameter: 20mm - 900mm.
  • Frame style: with and without frame and spot welding.

Characteristics: high strain ability, filtration capacity ,precise fitting filter elements , optimum cost-performance ratio, long lifespan.

Spot welded extruder screen packs from black or stainless steel cloth in round, rectangle, or kidney shape.

MEP-01: Extruder screen packs by spot welded edges in various shapes

Spot Welded Packs

This multilayer extruder screens packs are welded together at precise points. They are excellent for use in any filtration and assembled in proper sequence to eliminate operator error. The number and location of spot welds can be customized for your process.

Framed Packs

This type of screen packs are spot-welded packs that have an aluminum or stainless steel border added to them to give the filter extra rigidity and strength. They are suitable for operating at high pressures or if there is a danger of contamination getting around the edge of the breaker plate.

Framed edge screen packs in round, rectangle, oval and annular shapes

MEP-02: Extruder screen packs with stainless steel or copper framed edges


Multilayer extruder screen pack filters are widely use in very fine and thin extrusion process for high quality petrochemical, plastic, rubber, chemical, pharmaceutical, brewage, beverage, aeronautic industries & also in water treatment plant, mechanical, food processing industries.