Kidney-shaped Extruder Screen Can be Single Or multiple Layers

Kidney-shaped extruder screen is a special shape of filter which can be made of a variety of materials. So you can customize a type according to application requirements.

With unique shape, kidney-shaped extruder screen with single layer can be used in blown film industry in which has small pressure. Multiple layers of kidney-shaped extruder filter screens are more solid that can be used several times in plastic, fiber, glass industries.

Specifications of kidney-shaped extruder screen:

  • Materials: stainless steel wire mesh, black wire cloth, aluminum wire mesh, alloy wire mesh.
  • Layers: single layer or multiple layers.
  • Sizes: custom made.
  • Processing:
    • Plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave.
    • Spot welding, sintered.
There is a kidney-shaped extruder disc.

KIS-01: Woven kidney-shaped extruder disc.

Kidney-shaped extruder screen features:

  • Special shape and function.
  • Reusable and durable.
  • Accurate filter precision.

Kidney-shaped extruder screen applications:

  • Extrusion and reclamation of plastic, glass.
  • Show its abilities of film coating and filtration in blown film, pharmaceutical, oil industries.
There is a single layer kidney-shaped extruder screen.

KIS-02: Single layer kidney-shaped extruder screen has a simple structure.

There is a multiple layers of dutch weave kidney extruder screen.

KIS-03: Multiple layers kidney shaped of dutch weave extruder screen can filter materials precisely.

There are two kidney-shaped extruder screen made from black wire cloth.

KIS-04: Black wire cloth kidney-shaped extruder screen is cost-effective.

There are several kidney-shaped extruder screens with various sizes.

KIS-05: You can customize diverse sizes of kidney-shaped extruder screens according to application scenarios.