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single layer or multilayer extruder screens with or with out border in different size and shapes

Extruder Screens

Extruder screens are imperative in plastic and rubber processing machinery to ensure a clean and viable extrusion, in various materials, weaves, shape and size.

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Four multi-layer cylindrical extruder screens in different size

Stainless Steel Extruder Screen

Stainless steel extruder screen excels in durability and chemical resistance, demonstrated superior in melt filtration and plastic or rubber extrusion

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There are four stainless steel fine mesh extruder screens without frames.

Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Extruder Screen

Stainless steel fine mesh extruder screen shows its high precision in extruder to filter viscous materials such as plastic, rubber, chemical fiber, etc.

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There are several stainless steel extruder screen discs with various sizes.

Stainless Steel Coarse Mesh Extruder Screen

Stainless steel coarse mesh extruder screen has high strength and corrosion resistance in filtering of mining, chemical, food.

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There are three black wire cloth extruder screen discs with different sizes.

Black Wire Cloth Extruder Screen

Black wire cloth extruder screen has evenly arranged of holes to ensure clean materials and possesses good durability.

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There are many brass extruder screen discs.

Brass Extruder Screen

Brass extruder screen has beautiful surface, and we can offer various shapes and sizes of extruder screen according to different application requirements.

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There is a copper extruder screen disc with metal edge frame.

Copper Extruder Screen

Copper extruder screen possesses superior ductility, and it provides services in textile, paper making, chemical industries.

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There is a single layer extruder disc with metal edge.

Single Layer Extruder Screen with Frame

Single layer extruder screen with frame has smooth edge that made it is durable on extruder to filter polymer melt or chemical materials.

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There are several single layer extruder screens without frame and various shapes.

Single Layer Extruder Screen

Single layer extruder screen has small resistance that improves the filtration efficiency, and it can well purify hot melt adhesive, fiber or chemical reagents.

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Five multilayer extruder screen packs.

Multilayer Extruder Screen Pack

Multilayer extruder screen packs assembled in proper sequence to eliminate operator error, are suitable for fine extrusion, make more clean and clear extrusion

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There are five multilayer extruder screen discs with metal rims.

Multilayer Extruder Screen with Frame

Multilayer extruder screen with frame has a strong structure, and it is the key component of extruder to remove tiny impurities from polymer melt.

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There is a spot welding extruder screen discs.

Multilayer Spot Welding Extruder Screen

Multilayer spot welding extruder screen possesses welding points arranged properly to create superior filter conditions for polymer melt.

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There is a rubber framed extruder disc.

Rubber Framed Extruder Screen

Rubber framed extruder screen has good compression strength, it can contribute excellent filter precision to your plastic, chemical industries.

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There are two round extruder screens and one ring extruder screen.

Plain Weave Extruder Screen

Plain weave extruder screen with simple process is economical, and it is widely used in extruder to filter molten materials or blending processing.

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There is a dutch weave extruder disc.

Dutch Weave Extruder Screen

Plain and twill dutch weave stainless steel woven wire cloth extruder screens are widely used for melt filtration and filtration process or used as air filter

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There are several small sintered extruder discs.

Sintered Extruder Screen

Sintered extruder screen is made by vacuum sintering to form a solid structure and it can filter and sieve materials accurately in high temperature and pressure.

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There are several perforated round and square extruder screens with different sizes.

Perforated Extruder Screen

Perforated extruder screen has simple structure and is cost-effective, and it can be used for primary filtration on extruder or support the core filter media.

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There is a etched extruder disc in one hand.

Etched Extruder Screen

Etched extruder screen has better structural integrity and dimensional stability than woven filter screen, which ensure reliable filter conditions.

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There are several different types of expanded metal extruder discs without frame.

Expanded Metal Extruder Screen

Expanded metal extruder screen has good integrity without weld joints, ensuring stable and reliable extrusion conditions in filtering of molten materials.

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There are two pleated extruder discs.

Pleated Extruder Screen

Pleated extruder screens always have high strength with raised corrugated structure, and they can be used for high precision extruder filter screen of melts.

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There are two wedge extruder disc.

Wedge Extruder Screen

Wedge extruder screen has uniform slots and good rigidity of structure, which create a kind of reliable and precise extruder filtration environment.

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Round and rectangle shape filter discs from single layer screen

Extruder Screen Filter Discs

Extruder screen filter disc serves extremely thin and fine extrusion process in industrial sectors, made from ss304, ss316, galvanized steel or aluminum alloy

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Multilayer screens made from common steel or stainless steel by spot welded

Circle Extruder Screens

Circle extruder screens with smooth surface and no sharp edges, burrs or acute angles are used for extrusion to prevent the mixing of foreign particles.

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Many filter belt rolls put in a paper carton

Continuous Filter Belts

Stainless steel wire cloth filter belts for continuous screen changers suitable for plastic extrusion and melt filtration in plastic industry

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There are several cylindrical extruder screens with different shapes and sizes.

Cylindrical Extruder Screen

Cylindrical extruder screen is durable that makes more effective for polymer extrusion, also as filters to separate sand or other fine particles from water

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There is a kidney-shaped extruder disc.

Kidney-shaped Extruder Screen

Kidney-shaped extruder screens have many optional sizes for you, and single or multiple layers screens all give precise filtration on extruder.

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A kidney-shaped extruder screen with a detailed picture on light purple background.

Extruder Screen for Continuous Extrusion Machine

Extruder screens are used to filter the plastic melts impurities. Screens can be widely used in fully automatic and uninterrupted extrusion and filter machine.

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There is a rectangle extruder screen and an oval one.

Rectangle and Oval-shaped Extruder Screen

Rectangle and oval-shaped extruder screens are used for extrusion processing of plastics and polymers on corresponding extruder or filter scenarios.

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There are several various types of extruder screen packs.

Customized Extruder Screen

There always has professional conditions for customized extruder screen that possesses excellent durability and ensures a clean extrusion.

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There are two ring-shaped extruder discs with different mesh count.

Ring-shaped Extruder Screen

Ring-shaped extruder screen with flexible structure is widely used to filter and sieve raw materials of extruded profiles and offers a pure result.

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