Extruder Screens with Different Materials

single layer or multilayer extruder screens with or with out border in different size and shapes

Extruder Screens

Extruder screens are imperative in plastic and rubber processing machinery to ensure a clean and viable extrusion, in various materials, weaves, shape and size.

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Four multi-layer cylindrical extruder screens in different size

Stainless Steel Extruder Screen

Stainless steel extruder screen excels in durability and chemical resistance, demonstrated superior in melt filtration and plastic or rubber extrusion

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There are four stainless steel fine mesh extruder screens without frames.

Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Extruder Screen

Stainless steel fine mesh extruder screen shows its high precision in extruder to filter viscous materials such as plastic, rubber, chemical fiber, etc.

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There are several stainless steel extruder screen discs with various sizes.

Stainless Steel Coarse Mesh Extruder Screen

Stainless steel coarse mesh extruder screen has high strength and corrosion resistance in filtering of mining, chemical, food.

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There are three black wire cloth extruder screen discs with different sizes.

Black Wire Cloth Extruder Screen

Black wire cloth extruder screen has evenly arranged of holes to ensure clean materials and possesses good durability.

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There are many brass extruder screen discs.

Brass Extruder Screen

Brass extruder screen has beautiful surface, and we can offer various shapes and sizes of extruder screen according to different application requirements.

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There is a copper extruder screen disc with metal edge frame.

Copper Extruder Screen

Copper extruder screen possesses superior ductility, and it provides services in textile, paper making, chemical industries.

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