A List of Extruder Screens Processing Methods

There is a single layer extruder disc with metal edge.

Single Layer Extruder Screen with Frame

Single layer extruder screen with frame has smooth edge that made it is durable on extruder to filter polymer melt or chemical materials.

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There are several single layer extruder screens without frame and various shapes.

Single Layer Extruder Screen

Single layer extruder screen has small resistance that improves the filtration efficiency, and it can well purify hot melt adhesive, fiber or chemical reagents.

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Five multilayer extruder screen packs.

Multilayer Extruder Screen Pack

Multilayer extruder screen packs assembled in proper sequence to eliminate operator error, are suitable for fine extrusion, make more clean and clear extrusion

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There are five multilayer extruder screen discs with metal rims.

Multilayer Extruder Screen with Frame

Multilayer extruder screen with frame has a strong structure, and it is the key component of extruder to remove tiny impurities from polymer melt.

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There is a spot welding extruder screen discs.

Multilayer Spot Welding Extruder Screen

Multilayer spot welding extruder screen possesses welding points arranged properly to create superior filter conditions for polymer melt.

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There is a rubber framed extruder disc.

Rubber Framed Extruder Screen

Rubber framed extruder screen has good compression strength, it can contribute excellent filter precision to your plastic, chemical industries.

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A fluid transmission process and three types of tri-clamp screen gaskets

Tri-Clamp Screen Gasket

We can supply the most comprehensive mesh sizes of woven mesh, perforated plate and sock screens for tri-clamp gaskets.

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