Single Layer Extruder Screen is Cost-effective and Has Uniform Mesh

Single layer extruder screen is lightweight, economical and it can be designed into round, ring, cylindrical, kidney or customized on demands.

Without rims, single layer extruder discs still don't have sharp edges and are easy to install and fit your extrusion equipment. Being made into various density levels of screens, extruder screen packs can filter many kinds of materials such as polymer melt, oil, powder, food.

Specifications of single layer extruder screen:

  • Materials: stainless steel, black wire cloth, copper or other alloys.
  • Type: weaving, perforated, pleated.
  • Shape: disc, kidney, tube, cone, etc.
  • Screen diameter: 20–800 mm.
There are several single layer extruder screens without frame and various shapes.

SES-01: No frame filter discs have a simple structure.

Single layer extruder screen features:

  • No burrs and easy to operate.
  • Good corrosion resistance.
  • Made into a variety of shapes.

Single layer extruder screen applications:

  • Keep impurity particles out from molten materials, solid powder.
  • Provide services in petrochemical, plastic industry or pharmaceuticals.
There are three ring shaped of extruder screens.

SES-02: Single layer extruder screen ring is cost-effective.

There is a kidney extruder screen sheet.

SES-03: Single layer extruder screen can be designed into kidney.

There are six single layer extruder screen packs with different sizes.

SES-04: Extruder screen packs sizes can be customized on requirements.

There are four perforated extruder screen tubes with different diameters.

SES-05: Single layer extruder screen also can be perforated.