Multilayer Extruder Screen with Frame Resists to Strain with Durability

Multilayer extruder screen with frame is a combination of different density mesh, forming a sturdy structure that increases its holding capacity.

With superior filtration accuracy, multilayer extruder screens play an important role in purification of thinner molten materials such as oil, plastic fines, fibers. Or you can customize extruder screens for various kinds of filtering materials.

Specifications of multilayer extruder screen with frame:

  • Materials: stainless steel wire mesh, black wire cloth, copper wire cloth or special alloys.
  • Layers: 2–5 layers or multiple layers.
  • Edge materials: common metal, rubber, brass.
  • Shapes: round, oval, ring, kidney, rectangle.
  • Packing: wrapped with plastic bags or waterproof paper.
There are five multilayer extruder screen discs with metal rims.

MES-01: Multilayer extruder screen with frame has good tensile strength.

Multilayer extruder screen with frame features:

  • Stable and has high capacity.
  • High and precise filtration precision.
  • Abrasion resistance and can be operated under high pressure.

Multilayer extruder screen with frame applications:

  • Purify thinner melt or fines materials such as liquid plastic, adhesive.
  • In chemical, metallurgy, aerospace, pharmaceuticals industries.
There is a extruder screen made from perforated and woven mesh.

MES-02: Compound extruder screen meets special filtration requirements.

There are two rectangle multilayers extruder screens.

MES-03: Multilayer extruder screen with frame can be rectangle.

There are several small multilayer extruder discs with brass rims in one hand.

MES-04: Small size or other sizes of multilayer extruder discs can be supplied.

There is a multilayer extruder tube with brass edge.

MES-05: We can offer multilayer extruder tube with brass edge or other shapes.