Plain Weave Extruder Screen Meet General Needs with Corrosion Resistance

Plain weave extruder screen is commonly made from stainless steel wire that has excellent resistance to rust, abrasion and corrosion.

As the common type of filter screen, plain extruder screens are cost-effective and can meet most of filter requirements in plastic products, petrochemical, ceramics, rubber industries. Of course, the mesh fine level can be customized.

There are two round extruder screens and one ring extruder screen.

PWE-01: Plain weave extruder disc has simple structure that is easy to operate.

There are two thick plain weave extruder discs.

PWE-02: Thick pain weave extruder discs has high strength.

Specifications of plain weave extruder screen:

  • Materials: stainless steel, brass or copper, some alloys.
  • Mesh count: 20–650 mesh.
  • Thickness: 0.08–5 mm.
  • Shape: round, ring, bowl, square.
  • Packing: wrapped with damp-proof film or paper in cartons, wooden cases.

Plain weave extruder screen features:

  • Simple structure and economical processing.
  • Uniform holes to create good filter conditions.
  • Not easily deformed and corrosion resistance.

Plain weave extruder screen applications:

  • Has a long service life in filtration of melt plastic, adhesive, rubber, melt glass.
  • Can sieve materials in pharmaceuticals, food, metallurgy industries.
There is a square woven extruder screen sheet.

PWE-03: Woven extruder screens can be supplied in square sheets.

There are seven bowl shape of plain weave extruder screen packs with different sizes.

PWE-04: Extruder screen packs shapes and sizes all can be customized on demand.