Expanded Metal Extruder Screen Can Work Well Under High Pressure

Expanded metal extruder screen is only cut and stretched in the same metal plate, which makes it has high strength and large holding capacity.

In harsh conditions and high pressure, expanded metal extruder screen still can accurately stop foreign particles into pure materials. With solid structure, it also can be used for a support of key filter element to form a durable extruder filter.

Specifications of expanded metal extruder screen:

  • Materials: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, alloy plate or brass plate.
  • Hole diameter: can be customized according requirements.
  • Hole patterns: diamond, circle, square, hexagonal, fish scales, etc.
  • Screen shapes: disc, tube, rectangle or custom made.
There is a expanded metal extruder disc with frame.

EXS-01: Solid expanded metal extruder disc.

Expanded metal extruder screen features:

  • Excellent integrity and solid structure.
  • Large dirt holding area.
  • Good rigidity and resist to high pressure.

Expanded metal extruder screen applications:

  • Important filter element of extruder in filtration and processing of plastic, rubber, coating.
  • Give a support for core extruder filter screen.
There are five expanded metal extruder discs with different sizes.

EXS-02: Expanded metal extruder screen possesses good integrity.

There are several different types of expanded metal extruder discs without frame.

EXS-03: Expanded metal extruder screen can be manufactured into various types.

There are three rectangle expanded metal extruder screen sheets.

EXS-04: Expanded metal extruder screen can be rectangle sheet.

There is a expanded metal extruder screen tube in one hand.

EXS-05: Expanded metal mesh filter tube has large dirt holding area.