Etched Extruder Screen Has Precise Size and is Strong, Durable

Etched extruder screens are etched by corrosive materials or laser to form fine and precise mesh. And they can be design into various extruder filter screen with different hole patterns.

With high strength and filter precision, etched extruder screen can play its filtration effect in extruder industry of molten materials such as adhesive, plastic, coating. Of course, according to different requirements of various industries, extruder screens can be custom made.

Specifications of etched extruder screen:

  • Materials: stainless steel plate, alloy plate.
  • Hole diameter: 0.05–1 mm or can be customized.
  • Plate thickness: < 2 mm.
  • Shapes: disc, ring, cone, tube, etc.

Etched extruder screen features:

  • Accurate size and stable structure.
  • High filter precision.
  • Abrasion resistance and has a long service life.

Etched extruder screen applications:

  • Accurately filter melt polymer: rubber, chemical fiber, glass, ceramic.
  • According to your needs: petrochemical, food, medicine industries, we can manufacture different specifications of etched extruder screen.
There is a etched extruder disc in one hand.

ETS-01: Etched extruder disc has very fine mesh.

There is a round etched screen with margin.

ETS-02: Etched extruder screen has good structural integrity.

There is a cone etched extruder screen with rubber frame.

ETS-03: Etched extruder screen can be cone.

There is a etched extruder screen wide ring with rectangle holes.

ETS-04: Etched extruder screen has accurate sizes.