Customized Extruder Screen Has Precise Dimension and Filter Effect

There are several various types of extruder screen packs.
CUS-01: Customized extruder screens dedicate to meet your extrusion needs.

Customized extruder screen can be made of different materials and designed into a variety of shapes to meet various filtration needs.

Some special extrusion and filtration fields require unique extruder and filter screens. Our professional and creative team can manufacture and design your customized extruder screens which have superior corrosion resistance, large dirt holding capacity, etc.

Specifications of customized extruder screen:

Materials, shapes, processing, sizes all can be customized.

Customized extruder screen features:

  • Various shapes and sizes are available.
  • Accurate filter precision.
  • Durable and easy to maintain.

Customized extruder screen applications:

  • Commonly used for filter components on extruder to purify melts or polymers.
  • Custom made filter screens are used to remove impurities in chemical, metallurgy, medicine or food industries.
There is a circle extruder disc with several holes around center.
CUS-02: Custom made extruder disc has an unique appearance.
There is a circle extruder screen with several big holes on.
CUS-03: An special extruder disc.
There are three cone extruder screen packs with different mesh count.
CUS-04: Cone extruder screen packs have large dirt holding capacity.
There is a trapezoidal extruder screen with multiple layers.
CUS-05: Trapezoidal extruder screen with multiple layers has high strength.
There is a woven customized extruder screen pack.
CUS-06: With flexible structure, customized extruder screen pack is easy to operate.
There is a special shape of extruder screen with a raised center.
CUS-07: Extruder screens can be custom made according to requirements.

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