Multilayer Spot Welding Extruder Screen is Sturdy with Uniform Welds

Multilayer spot welding extruder screens are made by an economical and efficient welding process, and they are not easy to be damaged.

Together with multiple layers of filter mesh, multilayer spot welding extruder screens can achieve different levels of filtration, improving materials purity.

Specifications of multilayer spot welding extruder screen:

  • Materials: stainless steel wire mesh, black wire cloth, copper wire cloth or special alloys.
  • Layers: 2–5 layers or multiple layers.
  • Shapes: round, oval, ring, kidney, rectangle, tube.
  • Packing: wrapped with plastic bags or waterproof paper.

Multilayer spot welding extruder screen features:

  • High dirt holding capacity.
  • Not easy to be deformed.
  • Cost-effective with simple process.
  • Resist to abrasion and high temperature.
There is a spot welding extruder screen discs.

SWE-01: Multilayer spot welding extruder is strong with a long service life.

Multilayer spot welding extruder screen applications:

  • Be installed on extruder to filter chemical fibers, liquid plastic, coating materials.
  • Used in petrochemical, metallurgy, aerospace plastic industries.
There are two kidney multilayer extruder screens.

SWE-02: Kidney multilayer extruder screens fit the special types of extruders.

There are several cylindrical multilayer spot welding extruder screens.

SWE-03: Multilayer spot welding extruder screen tubes has good filtration efficiency.