A List of Extruder Screen Mesh Types

There are two round extruder screens and one ring extruder screen.

Plain Weave Extruder Screen

Plain weave extruder screen with simple process is economical, and it is widely used in extruder to filter molten materials or blending processing.

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There is a dutch weave extruder disc.

Dutch Weave Extruder Screen

Plain and twill dutch weave stainless steel woven wire cloth extruder screens are widely used for melt filtration and filtration process or used as air filter

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There are several small sintered extruder discs.

Sintered Extruder Screen

Sintered extruder screen is made by vacuum sintering to form a solid structure and it can filter and sieve materials accurately in high temperature and pressure.

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There are several perforated round and square extruder screens with different sizes.

Perforated Extruder Screen

Perforated extruder screen has simple structure and is cost-effective, and it can be used for primary filtration on extruder or support the core filter media.

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There is a etched extruder disc in one hand.

Etched Extruder Screen

Etched extruder screen has better structural integrity and dimensional stability than woven filter screen, which ensure reliable filter conditions.

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There are several different types of expanded metal extruder discs without frame.

Expanded Metal Extruder Screen

Expanded metal extruder screen has good integrity without weld joints, ensuring stable and reliable extrusion conditions in filtering of molten materials.

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Two pieces of pleated filter discs on white background.

Pleated Filter Discs

Pleated extruder screens always have high strength with raised corrugated structure, and they can be used for high precision extruder filter screen of melts.

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There are two wedge extruder disc.

Wedge Extruder Screen

Wedge extruder screen has uniform slots and good rigidity of structure, which create a kind of reliable and precise extruder filtration environment.

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