Multi-layer Filter Mesh – Stainless steel Mesh with Aluminum Frame

Several pieces of meltblown spinneret filter mesh on the ground.

We are real factory of filter mesh for meltblown spinneret to supply you qualified and high filtering performance products.

Our filter mesh can help you improve the filter performance and quality of meltblown nonwoven fabric. Additional, our top grade quality can reduce your downtime cost and replacing cost for your company

Available in:

  • Width: 30–300 mm
  • Length: max. 3500 mm
  • Mesh count: by request
  • Mesh material: SS304, SS316, SS316L
  • Frame material: stainless steel or aluminum

* Customized sizes are also available

Why choose our filter mesh?

During the meltblown nonwoven fabric with polypropylene (PP) production, the polymer melt should be filtered before entering the spinneret to remove the impurities and residual catalyst after polymerization. Common filter media for spinneret are sintered filters, multi-layer filter mesh and quartz sand.

We can supply the multi-layer filter mesh for meltblown filter mesh for your equipment.

  • Stainless steel meshes – Perfect chemical stability, long lifespan and high filtering performance
  • Cost effective – Reduce the cost of downtime and replacing filter mesh
  • Multi-layer design – Typical three-layer design and each with different meshes for the best filtration performance.
  • Tailor made products – All the structures and meshes can be adjustable according to customers' filter fineness requirements for the best performance.
  • Perfect package – All the products will be packed with plastic films and wooden cases to prevent moisture, rain and impact during transportation.
  • Fast delivery – We are real factory of filter mesh, so we can arrange the production at the first time after we signing the contract. Besides our advanced equipment and skilled workers can shorten your waiting time and guarantee your effective production.

Products Details & Test

A piece of meltblown spinneret filter mesh shows the detail of meshes.
Filter mesh detail
Several pieces of meltblown spinneret filter meshes show the detail of aluminum frame.
Filter mesh frame detail
A worker is measuring the width of meltblown spinneret filter mesh with vernier caliper.
Filter mesh width test
Two workers are measuring the length of meltblown spinneret filter mesh with meter ruler.Filter mesh length test
Several pieces of meltblown spinneret filter mesh in the workshop and packed with plastic films.
Plastic film package
Several pieces of meltblown spinneret filter mesh are packed in the wooden case.
Wooden case package

Customer Cases

Customer Case 1 Customer Case 2
Material Frame – Aluminum & Mesh – SS 304 Frame – Aluminum & Mesh – SS 304
Dimensions 1927 mm (L) × 187 mm (W) tolerance: ±0.2 mm 3475 mm (L) × 40 mm (W) tolerance: ±0.2 mm
Total thickness 2.5 mm ± 0.2 mm 2.7 mm ± 0.2 mm
Mesh size 3 layers – 60 mesh × 60 mesh × φ 0.16 mm + 180 mesh × 180 mesh × φ 0.04 mm + 60 mesh × 60 mesh × φ 0.16 mm 3 layers – 56/180/56 mesh
Frame size 10 mm (W) × 0.9 mm (T) 5 mm (W)
Corner R10.0 R5.0

Related Products

Apart from the spinneret filter mesh in rectangular shapes, we can supply the round shapes or other customized shapes for different devices. Besides, we can supply the extruder screens and continuous filter belt for your equipment

Several different shapes of spinneret filter meshes on the black background.
Customized spinneret filter mesh
Three pieces of extruder screens on gray background.
Extruder screens
Two rolls of extruder filter belt on white background.
Continuous filter belt

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