Ring-shaped Extruder Screen Has Simple Structure and is Easy to Install

Ring-shaped extruder screen is generally made from stainless steel, aluminum or copper and can be manufactured into various sizes and layers to ensure its precision.

With standard structure and flexibility, ring-shaped extruder screens are easy to fit your extruder or even other filter equipment, which can well keep away impurities from molten materials or other industrial materials.

Specifications of ring-shaped extruder screen:

  • Materials: stainless steel, aluminium, copper or brass.
  • Wire diameter: 0.1–2 mm.
  • Inner diameter: 18–250 mm.
  • Outer diameter: 50–350 mm.
  • Layer: single layer or multiple layers.
  • Edge: with rims or no rim.
  • Filter accuracy: 2–1000 μm.
There are two ring-shaped extruder discs with different mesh count.

RIE-01: Ring-shaped extruder disc with different mesh count can meet various filter needs.

Ring-shaped extruder screen features:

  • Lightweight and easy to operate.
  • Accurate filter precision.
  • High temperature resistance and high tensile strength.

Ring-shaped extruder screen applications:

  • Give clean and ideal extrusion to melt plastic, chemical fiber, adhesive or ceramics.
  • Meet corresponding requirements of filtration scenario such as in oil, metallurgy, medicine industries.
There is a ring-shaped extruder screen with big inner diameter.

RIE-02: Ring-shaped extruder screen with big inner diameter is easy to use.

There is a ring-shaped extruder disc with big holes and small inner diameter.

RIE-03: Ring-shaped extruder screen with thick wire diameter is durable.

There are four ring-shaped extruder screens made of different materials.

RIE-04: Ring-shaped extruder screens can be customized materials according to your needs.

There are four stacks of ring-shaped extruder discs wrapped with plastic film.

RIE-05: Ring-shaped extruder discs can be wrapped with plastic film or moisture-proof paper.