There are several various sizes of extruder screens.
Stainless Steel Extruder Screen

Stainless steel extruder screens have excellent corrosion resistance.

There are several circle extruder discs with different sizes.
Circle Extruder Screens

Circle extruder screens are the most common type.

There are several multiple layers of extruder discs with different sizes.
Multilayer Spot Welding Extruder Screen

Multiple layers of extruder discs have high strength and filter precision.

There are various sizes of cylindrical extruder screens.
Cylindrical Extruder Screen

Cylindrical extruder screens have large filtration area.

There are several custom made extruder screen packs.
Customized Extruder Screen

Extruder screens can be custom made according to your requirements.

Extruder Screens and Screen Pack for Filtration and Extrusion Process

Boegger Industech Limited specialize in manufacturing extruder screens made from best grade anti-corrosive raw materials - galvanized steel, stainless steel, and nickel alloy. Extruder screens are an imperative part of the melt filtration and extrusion process. It is effect to keeps away mixing of foreign particles in finally equipped extrusion product and provide a clean and clear extrusion for plastic and rubber processing machinery.

We can supply the following type extruder screens:

  • Layer: single layer or multilayer.
  • Material: stainless steel wire mesh, galvanized steel, black wire cloth, nickel alloy, brass wire.
  • Shape: circle, disc, square, oval, rectangular, kidney, cones and other special shape.
  • Types:
    • Extruder screen filter disc.
    • Cylindrical extruder screen.
    • Multilayer extruder screen packs with spot welded and with or without metal frame.
    • Single layer extruder screen with or without frame.
    • Woven, perforated, pleated, sintered, expanded metal, etc.
There is an extruder screen and several various types of filter mesh sheets.
why us
  • Our screens have smooth surface with no sharp edges, burrs or acute angles.
  • Anti-abrasive & anti-corrosive in nature, and high filtration capacity.
  • Available in different size and variants according customers order.

We have the ability to provide extruder screen and screen packs for your efficiently extrusion system. Our products won a reputation from domestic and foreign customers. If you need these products, please contact us now.

What are screen packs?

Multilayer extruder screen pack is made from several screens of different mesh sizes by welded them together. In the different mesh size screens, the finest wire screen is in the center of the pack, and the larger mesh opening screen is successively placed outer sides. and the screens are in a symmetrical fashion, which prevents the screen pack from accidentally being installed backwards. Our screen packs are suitable for extrusion processing of plastics, polymers and fibers. they can filter out of any particulate and improve products mixing.

Which material of screen packs is the best one?

Extruder screen packs materials are mainly standard steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys. stainless steel packs are much more resistant to rust than others. While packs from nickel alloy can used in corrosive processing environment (such as from sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and salt water). When choose packs you must consider their working environment.

Can I thoroughly clean screen packs and use again?

No. The product flow pressure can cause mesh screens warping, and reduce their effectiveness.

Which qualities ensuring my screens provide the most efficient filtration and extrusion?

You must take into consideration the following points: the durability and corrosion-resistance of the screen materials, screen mesh (mesh number per sq. inch), weaving type (plain weave, twilled weave, or dutch weave), wire diameter, and the opening percentage.


High filter precision!

These multilayer extruder screens has high filter precision that improve the purity of my materials greatly.

Bruce Toronto

Excellent durability

Extruder filter screens are durable. And I cleaned the screens and have used them several times.

Joyce London

Very good filter screen

The extruder screens that I bought are easy to install and have good back wash effect and corrosion resistance.

Warren Australia